Flag Store USA

Instructions for US Banner Flag Set (2-Way US Flag Set)

  1. You should have the following:
    • 2-way bracket with 3 screws for mounting and one set screw.
    • US flag banner mounted on non-furl tube, on pole
    • Ring & snap-hook mounted on pole
    • Wooden pole with ball ornament.
    • Rubber band – Use for storage only or discard.
  2. Mount bracket to porch or side of house with screws supplied.
  3. Attach snap-hook to pre-slit Velcro tab, which is sewn inside sleeve of US banner and detach & discard the part of Velcro tab that has the adhesive back.
    Detach the part of Velcro tab with the adhesive back, peel off the backing so that the adhesive is exposed and stick it to non-furl tube. Re-attach the two pieces of Velcro so that the US banner is secured to the non-furl tube
  4. Insert pole into bracket.