Flag Store USA


  1. Dig the foundation hole three (3) to four (4) times the diameter of the pole.
  2. Set the foundation tube so that the top of the foundation tube is two (2) inches above grade.
  3. Plumb the foundation tube and brace so that it will not move during the pouring of the concrete.
  4. Pour concrete (making sure the foundation sleeve remains plumb), keeping the inside of the foundation sleeve dry
  5. Trowel the concrete up just below the top of the foundation tube.
  6. We recommend allowing the concrete to dry a day or two before erecting the pole.
  7. When erecting the flagpole, lay the pole on saw horses and unwrap. If a two (2) piece pole, fully grease jamb sleeve, line up arrows on both sections and jam together.
  8. Screw truck into the top of the pole. Use wrench to assure tight fit. If cap style truck is used, be sure set screws are well tightened.
  9. Screw ball top into truck and tighten set screw. Ball should be tightened into the truck tightly by turning stem of ball with wrench. Do not tighten ball by turning ball proper.
  10. If flash collar is included, slide aluminum flash collar on from the bottom of the pole to above cleat level and attach the cleat with one screw to hold flash collar until after erection of the pole.
  11. Thread rope through the pulley on the truck and tie the ends together so that the rope will not drop out of the pulley during the erection of the pole.
  12.  Erect pole into foundation tube and center in foundation tube. Turn so that the cleat holes are in the direction desired (determined by prevailing winds).
  13. Place wood wedges (not supplied with flagpole) between the pole and the foundation tube and plumb the pole.
  14. Pack fine dry sand between the pole and foundation sleeve. Leave two (2) inches void at the top.
  15. Remove the wood wedges.
  16. Fill the remaining two (2) inches on top of the sand with asphalt sealant or roofing cement to keep water out of the sand.
  17. Slide aluminum collar down.
  18. Attach cleat to the pole.
  19. Loop snaps on the rope, spacing properly for the flag size being used.                                                                            NOTE: If the flagpole will not be installed immediately, it must be kept dry and away from moisture. If it is not stored in a dry place, or the outer tube and/or wrappings get wet, remove the tube and protective wrapping and place on blocks at least 12” above grade. If stored wet in any cardboard or wrappings, the flagpole will develop mold. The factory cannot assume responsibility for the finish if the pole is not stored properly.