Flag Store USA

Instructions for Decorative Wood US Flag Set

  1. Remove contents from box and lay on flat surface. You should have the following:
    • Two-way white nylon bracket with 3 screws for mounting & setscrew.
    • US flag with banner sleeve
    • 2-section varnished hardwood pole with ball ornament and “no-slide” snap-clip
    • Flag etiquette brochure
  2. Mount bracket to porch or side of house with screws supplied.
  3. Slide banner sleeve onto top half of pole
  4. Attach snap-clip to pre-slit Velcro tab, which is sewn inside the upper part of the sleeve of US flag. Detach and discard the part of the Velcro tab that has the adhesive back.
  5. Assemble the 2 sections of flagpole.
  6. Insert pole into bracket either at a 45 degree angle for flag-style display or at 90 degree angle for banner-style display.
  7. Secure with set-screw on bracket.

Note: There may be a second Velcro tab sewn in the lower part of the sleeve. This 2nd tab can be used as additional way to secure the flag to the pole if the flag is displayed vertically in a floor stand (not supplied in this set). Do not use this tab if displaying your flag as described above, as this will allow the flag to tangle more easily.