Flag Store USA

Nylon USA Flags

At Flag Store USA, our Nylon USA flags:

  • Are 100% MADE IN THE USA—not just assembled in the USA, but manufactured here, too.
  • Are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Have stripes that are sewn together using a specialty thread and a durable lock stitch.
  • Embroidered stars on 2x3'-12x18' and Appliqued stars that are sewn (rather than glued) on 15x25' and larger.
  • 2x3'-6x10' are finished with heading and grommets. 8x12' and larger are finished with a rope heading and two galvanized steel thimbles.
  • The 10x15' and larger flags have additional grommets in the heading:
    1 additional grommet - 10x15', 10x19', 12x18'
    3 additional grommets - 15x25', 20x30', 20x38'
    5 additional grommets - 25x40', 30x50', 30x60'
    9 additional grommets - 40x70', 40x75'
    11 additional grommets - 50x80'