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Indoor Flag Sets

Who doesn't like to show support for their country? Proudly displaying an American flag in your school, church, store, lobby, or auditorium shows that you are a proud citizen of the United States. But when you are looking for an American flag to buy, you want to make sure that the flag you are getting is one that will last you a long time. FlagStoreUSA.com is an American flag store, specialized in providing you with the very best brands, a multitude of materials, durable products, and any size American flag you will ever need.

For indoor flag displays, you’ll want an all-weather nylon Nyl-Glo flag, which is treated with flame retardant. Theses flags feature high-gloss, densely embroidered stars and lock-stitched sewn stripes and hems, and are finished with flannel-lined pole heading and golden yellow fringe.

These American flags are designed for display either indoors or in parades. Because the fringe is not colorfast and the stitching is not made to withstand windy conditions, these flags are not recommended for outdoor use.

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