Flag Store USA

Selecting the Right Flag for You

At Flag Store USA, we sell the highest quality American-made flags for every occasion and display. While we are always happy to speak to you personally to help you with your flag selection, we have put together this simple guide to help you decide which flag is best for you. If after reading this guide you still can’t decide, give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you out.

What Type of Flag Material Is Best Suited to Your Display?

Flag Store USA sells flags in five materials:

  • Cotton: Cotton flags are made of 100% heavyweight cotton but are not treated with any type of preservative, so they are the least durable.
  • Nyl-Brite: Made of all-weather nylon, Nyl-Brite flags are a little less durable than Nyl-Glo flags and do not have a colorfast guarantee, but offer excellent value for the budget-conscious.
  • Nyl-Glo: Nyl-Glo flags are made of the longest-lasting nylon flag material available, and are warrantied to keep their colors for one year.
  • Tough Tex: Made of heavy duty 2-ply polyester, Tough Tex flags are the sturdiest type of flag available.
  • Signature Series: The Flag Store USA’s Signature Series flags are a great option for gifts, retirement presents, etc. They have bigger, brighter stars and brighter material than the Nyl-Glo flags, and come wrapped in tissue paper in beautiful presentation-style boxes. Signature Series flags come in only three sizes:
    • 2½ x 4
    • 4’3” x 5’
    • 4 x 6

Will Your Flag Be Mounted Indoors or Outdoors?

  • Indoor: For all indoor flag displays, you’ll want an all-weather nylon Nyl-Glo flag . We sell ready-to-use indoor flag sets including a fringed Nyl-Glo flag, floor stand, pole, cord and tassles, and a 7-inch or 9-inch gold-plated eagle.
  • Outdoor: Nyl-Glo flags are good for mild-weather environments that don’t get too much wind—a nylon flag will flutter in a 5-6 mph wind. Nyl-Glo flags are made of the longest-lasting nylon flag material available, and are warrantied to keep their colors for one year, which is good to have for an outdoor flag. A Tough Tex flag is best for areas that get high winds and severe weather, though because they are significantly heavier that cotton and nylon flags, they do not move as freely in light wind.

What Size Flag Will You Need?

The size of your flag will depend on the length of your pole. Here are the flag sizes we recommend:

For poles mounted on the side of a house:

  • 2x3
  • 3x5

For poles mounted in the ground:

  • Up to 20 feet: 3x5 or 4x6
  • 25-foot pole: 4x6 to 5x8
  • 30-foot pole: 5x8 to 6x10
  • 33-foot pole: 5x8 to 6x10
  • 35-foot pole: 5x8 to 8x12
  • 40-foot pole: 8x12 to 10x15
  • 50-foot pole and larger: 10x15 and up