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How to replace Haylard rope

Replacing a flag pole halyard seems like an intimidating task, but in reality it's quite simple - as long as you haven't waited until the rope has broken completely. 

Follow these step by step instructions and you'll have your flag pole re-strung in no time!

  1. Lower and remove your flag(s) and Snap Hooks and covers
  2. Untie the knot that keeps the haylard rope together.  REMEMBER..  don't let go of either end or it could slide up through the pulley and be lost. This will further complicate re-stringing your flag pole, so be sure to keep both ends in your hand!

  3. Attach one end of the new haylard rope to the old end of haylard rope.  Duck taping both ends together
  4. Pull on the loose end of the old haylard, This will lift your attached joint up to the top of the pole and through the pulley at the top. Don't pull too hard or you may separate things. If it's stuck, use the loose end of the new halyard to bring it back down and try to make the joint smoother.
  5. Once you've pulled the jointed section through the top pulley on your flagpole and back down, remove the tape. You can now tie the ends of your new halyard together and reattach your flagpole clips and your flag. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQPEHBY4lX8   How to Re-String a Flagpole.    

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