Flag Store USA

Instructions for Style S Pole

Before installation please check your hardware kit to make sure that all items are present:

  • 3 flag pole sections
  • 1 ball ornament for top
  • 1 eyebolt with ¼" nut
  • 1 pulley
  • 1 length of halyard (rope)
  • 1 cleat with 2 screws
  • 2 white nylon snap hooks
  • 1 plastic ground sleeve
  1. Dig a hole 10-12" in diameter and 21" deep. CAUTION: Before breaking ground make sure there are no underground wires, cables or gas lines, etc.
  2. Add approx. 3" of gravel to the bottom of the hole and insert the ground sleeve into the hole and lightly into the gravel. This will insure proper drainage.
  3. Mix one to two bags of cement and pour around ground sleeve. Make sure that none of the cement gets into the sleeve. While the cement is drying put the bottom section of the pole into the sleeve and adjust using a level until the pole is perpendicular.
  4. Carefully remove the bottom section of the flagpole from the sleeve without disturbing the cement and allow the cement to finish drying. After the cement is completely dry replace the dirt.
  5. Fit the three sections of the flagpole together. NOTE: The bottom section has two holes, the middle section has no holes, and the top section has one hole.
  6. Install the cleat to the bottom section of the flagpole using the screws supplied.
  7. Install the eyebolt thought the hole of the top section of the flagpole and secure with the nut.
  8. Install the pulley to the eyebolt and thread the halyard through the pulley bringing both ends together near the cleat.
  9. Slip each end of the halyard through the small end of each snap hook and tie a loose knot around each of the clips. Now tie the ends of the rope together in a small tight knot which is to be located between the nylon clips. Space each nylon clip an equal distance from the knot, far enough apart to keep the flag taut, then pull the knots tight at the clip.
  10. Attach flag by compressing the clip and slipping the flag grommets over the open end of the clip. Raise the flag and secure the halyard to the cleat. NOTE: Maximum flag size is a single 3x5 nylon or cotton flag.