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3 x 5' Cotton American Flag

3 x 5' Cotton American Flag
SKU: usfHG03x05C
Our Price: $45.00

If you love the look of natural fibers, cotton is your go-to. Since our country’s earliest days, flag makers have been stitching flags out of cotton. Unfortunately, this beautiful fabric fell out of favor for outside flag displays because the natural fibers deteriorated in the elements fairly quickly. Nylon and polyester lasted longer. However, you don’t have that problem inside. Our high-quality cotton flags, featuring sewn stripes and beautifully embroidered stars, create a classic, timeless look. That makes it perfect for your home, as well as parades and other ceremonial displays, This Flag Features: Finished with white heading and 2 brass grommets. Stripes are double needle stitched with premium extra strength polyester thread. The thread is color matched to stripes with back stitch reinforcement. The stars are embroidered with an ultra-bright white thread which gives the stars a rich vibrant look. Take comfort in knowing that all our flags are 100% MADE IN THE USA—not just assembled in the USA, but manufactured here, too.