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25' Fiberglass Flagpole External Halyard Ground Sleeve
SKU: fpcGS25
Our Price: $1,712.00

25' External Halyard Flagpole. Pole Comes with Ground Sleeve. Included Cleat, Halyard, Clips, Revolving Truck with Finial & Flash Collar. PLEASE NOTE - Flag is NOT included. SHIPMENT DETAILS: IMPORTANT: If your new flagpole will not be installed immediately upon delivery, be sure to store it in a dry location. If the outer tube and/or the wrappings get damp or wet, remove the tube and protective wrapping and place the unwrapped flagpole and parts at least 12” above grade. If this is not done, mold will develop and ruin the finish of the flagpole. The factory cannot assume responsibility for improperly stored flagpoles.