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USA Made Flagpoles for Sale: Fiberglass & Hinge Bases

**Discount coupons Cannot be used on these Flagpoles**

Look below to see all of the durable fiberglass flag pole kits we sell.  All of these poles have a hinged base. These poles have all technical specs and other information available at www.flagmore-us.com

Perfect For Schools or Commercial Buildings

These fiberglass flagpoles are durable.  They would be the perfect pole for a school or commercial building. 

The flagpoles will not pit, corrode or rust. Theses flagpoles have an ultra-hard gel-coat which makes them able to withstand rugged weather, strong wind, and salt water conditions. They are impervious to all weather conditions.

About Fiberglass Flagpoles

These poles are easy to install and safe from lightning. Fiberglass does not conduct electricity like aluminum, so there are no ground wires required. 

Our standard flagpole has a brilliant white, pre-cast gel-coat finish.  Are you looking for another color than you see below?  Let us know because other colors are available on special request. All of these pole kits come with a special designed revolving-truck as their standard equipment

33' and larger poles will ship in 2 pieces for freight delivery. 1 piece poles are usually more difficult to ship via tractor trailer. 2 piece poles are very easy to put together and wind strength is just as strong as 1 piece poles